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Venue/Base camp is and will be at:

Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel


We have also listed Grand Inna Beach Hotel and hotels nearby for you to make a booking.
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* If you want to have your name to be kept private in the Who's Coming list, please email and let us know



About Bali

Bali is an island located in the southern part of Indonesia which belongs to the small Sunda Islands. The island also has a diverse regions and cultures in which each region has myriad cultures and countless art. Bali is well known for its magical view and amazing nature. This makes a lot of local tourists and abroad come to visit Bali for holiday. Some of the tourists may familiar with Ubud, Kuta,Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak and others which offer its amazing natural beauty and a lot of handmade knick knacks which suitable enough for souvenirs.
Bali as known as the island of God is one of the provinces in Indonesia. In English, people called Bali with Morning of The World, The Last Paradise and others, name a few.
Bali is popular for its natural beauty and the unique culture of the people which dominated with Hinduism. Bali is always get crowded with many local tourists and abroad who want to enjoy the beauty of the nature while having holiday. Often, some of the tourists decide to stay in Bali and make Bali as their second home.
There are many reasons why people fall in love with Bali. Some of them are:

EASY TO GET GO. About 200 International and Domestic flights arrived and departed in Bali everyday

EASY TO GET IN. Getting a Visa in Bali is a simple process upon arrival, for almost everyone

EASY TO GET AROUND. It will only be an easy hour's drive from your hotel on the beach to the run site in the hills

CHEAP TO STAY. Bali has over 35,000 rooms, from some of the world's best star hotels to a simple home stay from US$10 a night

CHEAP TO EAT & DRINK. International and local foods are easy on the pocket. A beer would only knock you back about US$1,5 and a breakfast for US$1

FUN TO RUN. It's a hasher's paradise with rice terraces, river gorges, waterfalls and rainforest.

FUN PEOPLE. The Balinese are famous for their friendliness. You're guaranteed a smile and warm welcome whenever you visit

FUN ACTIVITIES. If you stop hashing, surf, scuba, sail, spa, shop, drink, dine, fish, dance, golf, raft, elephant ride, and helicopter ride name a few.

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